janvier 24, 2023
When it comes to family vehicles, SUVs rank among the most popular ones because of two simple reasons: passenger and cargo space. When you have a family to "carry on," on the best sense of the… + continue reading
janvier 18, 2023
Canadians are two times more likely to buy a Truck (SUV & pickup truck) than a passenger car, as you can just check out at Statistics Canada. It is just a fact. We are used to publishing… + continue reading
janvier 4, 2023
If you have a big family, you like to travel, move things around or just love to have space, then for sure, you have heard about minivans. Minivans have been around for more than 60 years, but it is… + continue reading
décembre 21, 2022
Having a Seven-Seater is one of the most significant advantages anyone with a big family can enjoy. Either for all the kids, going out with many friends and let's mix both, your kid's friends, it… + continue reading
décembre 12, 2022
Since the early 2000's, when Toyota launched the Prius in North America, many manufacturers have been chasing the "hybrid vehicle" sector with caution. Hybrid and Electric vehicles have made it to… + continue reading
décembre 1, 2022
If you were looking for the cheapest car in Canada, then it will be better to see the top 10 and the reason is straightforward: on a successful search, you need to retrieve multiple… + continue reading
novembre 28, 2022
Conduire en hiver est certainement un défi pour tout le monde. Même les plus aventuriers trouvent difficile, mais cela ne signifie pas que vous devriez garer votre voiture pendant 3 mois. Ce qui suit… + continue reading
novembre 18, 2022
Le Canada est un vaste pays avec une saison de neige très particulière, y compris le plus grand centre / villes de l'Est chaque hiver. Je suis mon opinion; Ce mai être probablement l'une des… + continue reading
décembre 14, 2021
La saison de déneigement à Montréal commence officiellement le 1er décembre et se termine le 1er avril. Pendant ce temps, vous serez assez heureux avec l'interdiction de stationnement qui une fois… + continue reading
octobre 18, 2021
It has multiple names: "Lease End Protection", "Lease Guard", "Wear & Tear", "Excess Wear & Use Protection"... But it is essentially the same coverage. It covers up to a maximum amount of… + continue reading
octobre 12, 2021
You may have heard/read lots of discussions about this topic. In fact, this is probably the most polemic topic about winter driving in Canada. So, keeping driving habits away, fuel economy, and… + continue reading
janvier 16, 2020
When it comes to car brands available in Canada, there are actually more than 35 different brands. But, again, when it comes to brand, it doesn't mean explicitly the same as the Company. The… + continue reading
novembre 25, 2018
For a long time, we've been listening that there are two main types of car transmission: automatic & manual. Well, there is a new one and will stay for long: CVT or Continuous Variable… + continue reading
avril 9, 2018
While things are still cold as winter, it is "legally" spring in Canada. It is the moment of the year where, people who struggle through the winter, feel the most positive: "At least 8 - 9 months to… + continue reading
avril 6, 2018
Your Credit Score may be affected by multiple reasons: a late payment, an unpaid debt, multiple inquiries on your financial status and so. Keeping it healthy is as important as thinking about your… + continue reading
avril 4, 2018
Last week I was heading to the airport and, as usual, requested an Uber. I was surprised when I saw that a driver with 18,699 completed trips (mine was going to be number 18,700) and a 4.95 score was… + continue reading
mars 29, 2018
"Yuri & Jakub go for a drive" every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am (EST time) on the popular Youtube channel TheStraightPipes. Yes, it is like that TV show you wait every week with some… + continue reading
mars 28, 2018
Among more than 1,900+ salary reports at indeed during the past 36 months, an Uber driver in Canada makes an average 20.02CAD/hour. Depending on how many hours you drive for Uber per week, it can… + continue reading
février 9, 2018
This is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to a new car acquisition. Here at LeaseCosts, we promote car leasing over financing for one simple reason: it is better in all categories… + continue reading
février 5, 2018
We are half the way done with 2017-2018 Winter; I would say more close to the end than to the beginning. 2017 was an excellent year for the automotive industry, with around 2,040,000+ new vehicles… + continue reading
janvier 20, 2018
And the Auto Show started! Amazing stands, product presentations, setups and brochures and more than 150 vehicles to check on the showroom. I will be test driving new models this week, specially the… + continue reading
janvier 8, 2018
New year, a new month and new offers. Also tons of snow, cold and ice on one of the coldest winters ever. Just on the past holidays, Montreal got hit by the coldest winter streak ever registered in… + continue reading
janvier 5, 2018
If you were considering getting a Nissan SUV this January, then it is the right moment to go for an AWD model. Nissan Canada is discounting the AWD on the purchase price of selected SUVs. The offer… + continue reading
janvier 2, 2018
One of the first cars I had was a 2005 Mazda3. I loved it, but there was something noticeable when I was driving around during the 2012-2014 period: most of the similar models on the road… + continue reading
novembre 21, 2017
The response to this question is probably extensive as the Canadian vehicle market is very nicely populated with vehicles that perform the best in the country winter conditions. The fact that you see… + continue reading
octobre 19, 2017
The second half of the year has arrived and with it, the 2018 models have already started making lines at the parking lots. New releases, lots of new hybrid alternatives and more options for the… + continue reading
octobre 4, 2017
October!!! Halloween, rain, winter boots and the second best month of the year to buy a car, right after November. While most models are being updated, 2017 stock is running out of the parking lots,… + continue reading
septembre 1, 2017
Changer votre voiture est quelque chose que vous ferez inévitablement plusieurs fois pendant votre vie. Le fait que vous vivez au Canada, le deuxième plus grand pays au monde et que les villes… + continue reading
août 29, 2017
Depuis son lancement en 2011, le Crosstrek gagne beaucoup de terrain au Canada et en Amérique du Nord. Aujourd'hui, le Subaru Crosstrek 2018 est disponible à la vente et a beaucoup à montrer. Le SUV… + continue reading
août 28, 2017
Doing a lease transfer is one of the many, and in fact, the cheapest way to get someone else to get your lease. As I've explained in previous articles, multiple reasons would influence on that kind… + continue reading