2023 Best Minivan Canada: Top Models & Offers

If you have a big family, you like to travel, move things around or just love to have space, then for sure, you have heard about minivans. Minivans have been around for more than 60 years, but it is kind of "officially" recognized that the first minivan launched in North America was in 1984 and were the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager. Today, here is our list of the 2023 Best Minivan Canada.

Best Minivans in Canada

As usual, we build our rankings based on trends, vehicle performance, price and the actual demand we receive at LeaseCosts Canada. Following, the list of top minivans available in the Canadian market:

2023 Dodge Grand Caravan starts at 330CAD/month tax. inc.

Best Minivan Canada: Dodge Grand Caravan

The Grand Caravan is the most popular minivan in North America, not only of the last decade: ever, since it was released back in 1984. With a total of 46,933 sales in Canada in 2018, it was an average year, compared to the previous ones. It is at the level of the top seller SUVs in the Country and ranks as the #6 most popular vehicle in Canada. Back in 2010, was the highest sales point, when more than 55,000+ units were delivered across the country.

It can be leased in Canada starting at around 330 CAD/month tax. inc. when leased for 60 months. Insurance costs are around 80CAD per month.

2023 Toyota Sienna starts at 530CAD/month tax. inc.

Best Minivan Canada: Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is the second most popular minivan in Canada. 15,470 units were sold in 2017 and the top record year was 17,043, back in 2004. Since, the number of sales has been steadily recovering in the past 5 years. The Sienna can be leased for 60 months at around 530CAD/month tax. inc. and monthly insurance costs are approximately 70CAD.

2023 Honda Odyssey starts at 430CAD/month tax. inc.

Best Minivan Canada: Honda Oddysey

Honda's prestigious Odysseys ranks #3 on the most popular minivans in Canada. With 11,232 sales in 2017 and more than 10 years selling more than 10k units, the 2023 edition can be leased starting at 430CAD/month tax. inc. when signed for 5 years.

Honda Odyssey Review by TheStraightPipes

2023 Chrysler Pacifica starts at 530CAD/month tax. inc.

Best Minivan Canada: Chrysler Pacifica

I love the Chrysler Pacifica. Personally, when I travel with my family, we go after a minivan and the first thing we look for is if there is any available among all Grand Caravans. In our most recent trip, we rented a 2018 Edition and the foldable (and disappearing seats) were really helpful to assist my brother-in-law moving his wedding's stuff. It was suddenly a van with only 2 front seats! Besides, the engine performance is way more than enough to push forward with no problem... so powerful! A Hybrid Edition is also available in Canada.

Last year, 6,185 units were sold in our country, making it the best year ever registered since the model was released. The popularity of the Pacifica is highly noticeable on the roads and very popular among families.

It can be leased in Canada starting at around 530CAD/month tax. inc. when leased for 60 months.

2023 Kia Sedona starts at 470CAD/month tax. inc.

Best Minivan Canada: Kia Sedona

The Sedona is an excellent bet from the Korean manufacturer. With 5,286 sales in Canada during 2017 and the best year ever registered, Kia & Hyundai continue growing among the North American audience and ranking among the most popular brands.

The 2023 Sedona can be leased starting at 470CAD/month tax. inc. when signed for 60 months and an average monthly insurance price of 50CAD. Very impressive!

2017 Mazda Mazda5 starts at 450CAD/month tax. inc. (discontinued production)

Best Minivan Canada: Mazda Mazda5

And finally the Mazda5, a vehicle that has been discontinued from production for 2018, but there are still a bunch available that you could find around. During 2017, Mazda Canada sold 2,224 units, and none in the U.S. as the vehicle was retired from the market last year and it is still only available in Canada.

It can be leased when signed for 36 months at around 450CAD/month tax. inc. and insurance costs are around the 90CAD per month.

Consider SUVs Too

Minivans are great, but not the only option. My main suggestion is that you go and test them. Go and bring these home, go to the dealer with your kids and have fun testing your options. Following, a list of related articles that may be of your interest and improve your search:

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