May 19, 2023
The fast answer is "Yes", it is worth. I use to say the "it depends" on most of my articles, but a dashcam, today, is a must. Why? Well, this article will be about that, but more than anything, the… + continue reading
April 28, 2023
Have you ever considered how different vehicles behave on the road in different situations? Well, the following tables will help you see things from a different angle. Remember, it is not only us on… + continue reading
April 13, 2023
Golf season in Canada is a time for enthusiasts to hit the greens and enjoy the beautiful landscapes offered by the country's many golf courses. To make the most out of this time of the year, it's… + continue reading
April 13, 2023
Tires are an essential component of any vehicle, as they play a crucial role in ensuring safety and performance on the road. The tire tread, in particular, is critical as it provides the necessary… + continue reading
April 5, 2023
In recent years, prepaid maintenance plans for vehicles have gained popularity in Canada. These plans offer a convenient, budget-friendly way to ensure that your vehicle stays in optimal condition… + continue reading
March 27, 2023
Buying or leasing a new car in Canada is a significant financial decision that requires careful consideration. To make sure you choose the right vehicle and avoid any potential pitfalls, it's… + continue reading
March 26, 2023
If you're looking to join the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, you've probably heard of Tesla's popular Model Y and Model 3. For sure you should have seen those out there on the road Let's dive into… + continue reading
March 24, 2023
Continuing the oil topic (as I had to do an oil change for my leased Atlas this month) I'm back to give you a general idea of their average prices per gallon of available oils. Keep in mind that… + continue reading
March 22, 2023
Hey there, fellow car enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of engine oil change intervals for some of the most popular car brands in Canada. But first, let's talk about the difference… + continue reading
March 16, 2023
Have you ever been in a vast artisanal vegetable marketplace with tons of alternatives and sellers offering "deals" while you shop around? Well, while it may work well for multiple kinds of… + continue reading
February 17, 2023
Never been to a dealership before? No worries, we have all been there. Although the car purchasing experience at a dealership can vary depending on the dealership, here's a general step-by-step guide… + continue reading
February 3, 2023
Interest rates are one of the major factors when it comes to acquiring a vehicle without paying it immediately in full. This is known usually as “car loan” or “acquiring a vehicle with a loan”. Also… + continue reading
January 30, 2023
From Jan 20th to 29th we had the 2023 edition of the Montreal Auto Show. Here, I'm sharing some pictures I took and some impressions  Tons of EVs & missed Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Honda… + continue reading
January 24, 2023
When it comes to family vehicles, SUVs rank among the most popular ones because of two simple reasons: passenger and cargo space. When you have a family to "carry on," on the best sense of the… + continue reading
January 22, 2023
Except for kids and cross-country skiers, everyone else hates blizzards. This year's winter was kind of soft, compared with the last one regarding temperature, but surely we got more snow than… + continue reading
January 18, 2023
Canadians are two times more likely to buy a Truck (SUV & pickup truck) than a passenger car, as you can just check out at Statistics Canada. It is just a fact. We are used to publishing… + continue reading
January 10, 2023
A lot has changed for the auto industry over the past three years. We have gone from full parking lots at 0% financing, to empty parking lots and now to “half 2019 inventory” and skyrocket rates. On… + continue reading
January 8, 2023
Did you know that 70 percent of Canadians prefer leasing cars instead of purchasing them? They do so for a variety of reasons. These include the inherent flexibility that comes with leasing a vehicle… + continue reading
January 6, 2023
Trucks/pickups are the most popular vehicles in Canada. Believe it or not, it is not the Honda Civic or the Toyota RAV4, and the reason is very simple: the weather conditions and the popularity of… + continue reading
January 4, 2023
If you have a big family, you like to travel, move things around or just love to have space, then for sure, you have heard about minivans. Minivans have been around for more than 60 years, but it is… + continue reading
December 30, 2022
New year, new models and terrific players on the SUV game. If there is a year where Sports Utility Vehicles have performed better than ever, it was this one: SUVs are the #1 choice of vehicle… + continue reading
December 21, 2022
Having a Seven-Seater is one of the most significant advantages anyone with a big family can enjoy. Either for all the kids, going out with many friends and let's mix both, your kid's friends, it… + continue reading
December 12, 2022
Since the early 2000's, when Toyota launched the Prius in North America, many manufacturers have been chasing the "hybrid vehicle" sector with caution. Hybrid and Electric vehicles have made it to… + continue reading
December 8, 2022
Rapid fire article over here! There could be many reasons why Canadians might choose to lease a car rather than purchase one outright. Some potential reasons could include: Leasing can be a more… + continue reading
December 3, 2022
It is very typical to see people stuck in the snow during winter. Either after a significant snowfall or a freezing rain, the surface conditions are very likely to affect how vehicles behave and then… + continue reading
December 1, 2022
If you were looking for the cheapest car in Canada, then it will be better to see the top 10 and the reason is straightforward: on a successful search, you need to retrieve multiple… + continue reading
November 28, 2022
Driving in the winter is definitely challenging for everyone. Even most adventurers find it difficult, but it doesn't mean that you should park your car for 3 months. The following is a list of tips… + continue reading
November 18, 2022
Canada is a vast country with a very particular snow season, including the biggest center/eastern cities during every winter. I'm my opinion; this may be probably one of the main reasons you will… + continue reading
October 15, 2022
If you were waiting for the used car price bubble to pop to go after that car you need, this is probably the right time. Obviously, now we are facing other factors such as high inflation, rising… + continue reading
September 10, 2022
Parking in Montreal is complicated... very complicated. After a few years, you get used to it and understand how signs work, but today I'll try to make it as clear as possible, at least from my own… + continue reading