May 20, 2022
I want to share on this article, a greatfeedback about an error on my book, that I got from one of the readers of it: I made a mistake on the calculation of the interest rate example I present on… + continue reading
May 19, 2022
While it is normal to drive by any dealership in Canada (and North America, indeed) and see empty parking lots, it is even more shocking to see that most of the vehicles in inventory are from a… + continue reading
May 17, 2022
If you haven't heard about it yet, used car prices are crazy today. It is almost impossible to buy a new car on the spot. There are either long wait lines for delivery, or everything you see in both… + continue reading
April 29, 2022
The past weekend was the first Autos how I was able to attend since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the world. I was super happy to be able to go to the 2022 edition of the Montreal Electric Vehicle… + continue reading
April 22, 2022
Acquiring a vehicle is an important step, from multiple points of view. It involves all kind of evaluations, such as financial, daily routine, habits, and even planning factors. Questions like: How… + continue reading
April 8, 2022
We are happy to share this great feedback video we received from one of our happy Montreal based customers: @AutomotiveWoman ! Juliana's Lexus got sold pretty fast thanks to LeaseCosts Canada and she… + continue reading
April 1, 2022
As winter is coming to an end, it is good to have in mind an approximate date for switching back to summer/"all season" tires. If you are getting out of your first winter with a car, I strongly… + continue reading
March 26, 2022
Coverage products are the most important aspects that define the quality of a deal. It adds an extra layer of safety and the respective peace of mind customers perceive when doing a car lease. Even… + continue reading
March 4, 2022
A new car in Canada costs upwards of $30,000. For those that find this figure too steep, leasing is a popular option. Aside from the monetary advantage, leasing makes it possible to get a new car or… + continue reading
February 18, 2022
Except for kids and cross-country skiers, everyone else hates blizzards. This year's winter was kind of soft, compared with the last one regarding temperature, but surely we got more snow than… + continue reading
February 15, 2022
During the holiday season, it is a good idea to speed up your new car delivery, but there are some pros and cons related to it. I will always encourage driving with Winter Tires under 7 degrees… + continue reading
February 8, 2022
Chances of having a car accident during Winter triple up compared to Summer. Winter Tires, AWD, ABS, Traction Control, Collision Avoidance Systems and even Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC Advanced Technology… + continue reading
January 11, 2022
Chevrolet has unveiled two new EV models for 2022: the Silverado and the Equinox. The new announcement is targeting the growing EV market in North America and will certainly compete hard with Ford's… + continue reading
January 5, 2022
The new Ford F-150 Lightning already has a price in the United States. Fleet orders will begin today and individual ones will be available to begin tomorrow Jan 6th. The Canadian availability hasn't… + continue reading
January 3, 2022
Although I don't tend to talk about investments here on LeaseCosts, this topic is a perfect mid-point between the auto industry and the investment one. Robb Arnot, a prestigious American entrepreneur… + continue reading
December 23, 2021
The Automotive or Car Warranty is one of the critical values people take into account when deciding between different manufacturers. Of course, it won't apply if you are actually running after a… + continue reading
December 16, 2021
It is very typical to see people stuck in the snow during winter. Either after a significant snowfall or a freezing rain, the surface conditions are very likely to affect how vehicles behave and then… + continue reading
December 14, 2021
Snow Removal season in Montreal starts officially on December 1st and ends on April 1st. During this time, you will be pretty happy with the parking prohibition that once a week takes place on each… + continue reading
December 11, 2021
Since the early 2000's, when Toyota launched the Prius in North America, many manufacturers have been chasing the "hybrid vehicle" sector with caution. Hybrid and Electric vehicles have made it to… + continue reading
December 9, 2021
If I were in front of a group of "everyday drivers" and ask: "Who enjoys doing safe snow drifting on your street once a while?". If not all, most of the people will raise their hand. It is fun, but… + continue reading
December 8, 2021
If you live in any of the major Canadian urban areas, there is a high chance that you will evaluate acquiring a compact car. Big cities are hard to deal with if you have a big SUV or a pickup truck… + continue reading
December 5, 2021
Driving in the winter is definitely challenging for everyone. Even most adventurers find it difficult, but it doesn't mean that you should park your car for 3 months. The following is a list of tips… + continue reading
November 27, 2021
When it comes to family vehicles, SUVs rank among the most popular ones because of two simple reasons: passenger and cargo space. When you have a family to "carry on," on the best sense of the… + continue reading
November 21, 2021
Having a Seven-Seater is one of the most significant advantages anyone with a big family can enjoy. Either for all the kids, going out with many friends and let's mix both, your kid's friends, it… + continue reading
November 12, 2021
I'm super happy to announce that Car Leasing Done Right is available at Amazon as an ebook, paperback and hardcover version. I'm honoured by the amount of positive feedback and the reception that has… + continue reading
November 8, 2021
Closer in distance to Montreal than Toronto itself, New York City is a popular destination. On this article, I will share with you multiple tips that may help you if you ever decide to do the road… + continue reading
November 5, 2021
A finance takeover may not sound as popular as a lease one but, you know what, lots of people do it too. If you are not new to it, there aren't many options to show it to everyone out there. At our "… + continue reading
November 2, 2021
Canadians are two times more likely to buy a Truck (SUV & pickup truck) than a passenger car, as you can just check out at Statistics Canada. It is just a fact. We are used to publishing… + continue reading
October 28, 2021
New year, new models and terrific players on the SUV game. If there is a year where Sports Utility Vehicles have performed better than ever, it was this one: SUVs are the #1 choice of vehicle… + continue reading
October 18, 2021
It has multiple names: "Lease End Protection", "Lease Guard", "Wear & Tear", "Excess Wear & Use Protection"... But it is essentially the same coverage. It covers up to a maximum amount of… + continue reading