July 13, 2021
The down payment is one of the major concerns customers face when deciding to sign a new car lease. Most advertising focuses on the monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payment, leaving the down payment to… + continue reading
July 8, 2021
I will make a short article about a topic that creates a lot of confusion when it comes to converting a bi-weekly payment to a monthly one. Especially since we launched our new Lease Takeover… + continue reading
July 5, 2021
The monthly payment is the primary among the two significant factors when deciding from a cost perspective: the car payment and the insurance cost. Most of the time, customers focus on it as… + continue reading
June 23, 2021
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Toyota's Warranties in Canada, and there is a specific part of it that is worth to talk more: wearable components. If you plan to own your car for more than… + continue reading
June 17, 2021
Although the title of this article seems very "ideal," it is actually possible. Since we started our Lease Takeover Marketplace, I've seen deals go away in less than 12 hours and some other to take 8… + continue reading
June 11, 2021
Trade-Ins are not a bad idea. Your current vehicle plays a "downpayment" role while you are actually doing a swap, but it doesn't work on all cases. In fact, I wouldn't encourage anyone to do a trade… + continue reading
June 3, 2021
The short answer is "usually no." But it always "depends." As all other leasing companies, auto manufacturer banks have to comply with the Canadian Government regulations that require leasing… + continue reading
May 20, 2021
We are happy to share this great feedback video we received from one of our happy Montreal based customers: @AutomotiveWoman ! Juliana's Lexus got sold pretty fast thanks to LeaseCosts Canada and she… + continue reading
May 18, 2021
The main purpose of our Lease Takeover Marketplace setup is to help buyers connect with sellers the smoothest way possible. The following article will help you understand what you should do when you… + continue reading
May 6, 2021
A client of ours sent an email today addressing this specific concern: what are the procedures to take over a car lease? He specifically split it over with five questions I will discuss in… + continue reading
May 3, 2021
If you are not too convinced if by any chance is okay to take over a lease, then I suggest you take 5 minutes of your time and carefully read this article. Basically, I won't say today that every… + continue reading
April 21, 2021
Coverage products are the most important aspects that define the quality of a deal. It adds an extra layer of safety and the respective peace of mind customers perceive when doing a car lease. Even… + continue reading
April 20, 2021
The lease term is another factor most consumers look for but usually plays a secondary role when deciding, using it to customize the price. Among the 23,000 contracts in our study, these are the… + continue reading
April 8, 2021
As we regularly do at LeaseCosts™ Canada Inc., today I want to share with you some insights. These will certainly help you prepare for your next vehicle purchase/lease: break down your alternatives… + continue reading
April 1, 2021
Vehicles are way smarter today than a decade ago. I want to make this short post just as a heads up, nothing serious, but a good tip to always keep in mind: Adaptive Cruise Control and the Road… + continue reading
March 17, 2021
Have you heard of car deals with 6,000CAD downpayment upfront and thought it wasn't a good idea? As most of my articles, I always say: "it depends." While numbers are literally white/black… + continue reading
March 14, 2021
A lot of people get in touch with us every week with questions and requests for assistance in their car leasing process. WIth the purpose of helping others and to maintain our publishing process… + continue reading
March 1, 2021
Jumping into a dealership on the last day of the month has many particular things. I won't try to be sensationalist or "revealing," just go straight to the key elements that are strictly attached to… + continue reading
February 28, 2021
When it comes to doing a lease takeover, there are two (at least) people involved and a transfer of debt. In case you don't know it, all car lease contracts are treated as a loan, from a Credit… + continue reading
February 21, 2021
Since the early 2000's, when Toyota launched the Prius in North America, many manufacturers have been chasing the "hybrid vehicle" sector with caution. Hybrid and Electric vehicles have made it to… + continue reading
February 15, 2021
Oil change is a must. There is no way you can escape from it. Well, there are Electric Vehicles (EVs), but there is still a regular maintenance period. So, going back to oil change, I've known people… + continue reading
February 10, 2021
Canada is a vast country with a very particular snow season, including the biggest center/eastern cities during every winter. I'm my opinion; this may be probably one of the main reasons you will… + continue reading
February 9, 2021
We have all been there. Also, we all haven't, but that is how estimates work. Those are just estimates. Our daily driving habits depend on multiple things like if we got a new job or if we moved… + continue reading
February 4, 2021
We receive a lot of requests/inquiries every month at LeaseCosts. Most of these through our contact form and some other also through our corporate phone number, the one you can find at the bottom of… + continue reading
January 28, 2021
If you live in any of the major Canadian urban areas, there is a high chance that you will evaluate acquiring a compact car. Big cities are hard to deal with if you have a big SUV or a pickup truck… + continue reading
January 15, 2021
Canadians are two times more likely to buy a Truck (SUV & pickup truck) than a passenger car, as you can just check out at Statistics Canada. It is just a fact. We are used to publishing… + continue reading
January 11, 2021
If you have a big family, you like to travel, move things around or just love to have space, then for sure, you have heard about minivans. Minivans have been around for more than 60 years, but it is… + continue reading
January 6, 2021
While most mainstream manufacturers continue bringing CVT transmissions into the market, one of LeaseCosts visitors reached out to make a few questions regarding its performance. As I use to do… + continue reading
January 1, 2021
Except for kids and cross-country skiers, everyone else hates blizzards. This year's winter was kind of soft, compared with the last one regarding temperature, but surely we got more snow than… + continue reading
December 31, 2020
This is probably the longest year we will remember for decades to come. 2020 was tough, sad, and the pandemic took many loved ones away. Still, a long way to go, but there is already light at the end… + continue reading