November 22, 2017
And I'm talking about costs. So, I guess that if you are reading this is because you want to check some math before making any decision. And that is what we do at LeaseCosts: we do a lot of math and… + read more
November 21, 2017
The response to this question is probably extensive as the Canadian vehicle market is very nicely populated with vehicles that perform the best in the country winter conditions. The fact that you see… + read more
November 14, 2017
Today I took a test on the most attractive seven-seat I've seen in the last couple of years: the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. This masterpiece of a vehicle with a "German" signature was definitely amazing… + read more
November 10, 2017
It is very typical to see people stuck in the snow during winter. Either after a significant snowfall or a freezing rain, the surface conditions are very likely to affect how vehicles behave and then… + read more
November 9, 2017
November! Wow, and so many changes in the market. It is so complicated that takes us more time than usual to come up with the actual monthly report. While many manufacturers have cleared out 2017… + read more
November 8, 2017
A Remote Car Starter may sound a little weird if you haven't heard about it before or you are new to Canada. Well, if you park outside, either on the street or in a driveway, I strongly suggest you… + read more
November 7, 2017
Chances of having a car accident during Winter triple up compared to Summer. Winter Tires, AWD, ABS, Traction Control, Collision Avoidance Systems and even Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC Advanced Technology… + read more
November 6, 2017
If winter tires are a must during Canadian winters, Car Snow Shelters, also known as "Tempo" are very important (and almost "a must"). I park on the street, as driveways are more likely… + read more
October 30, 2017
Originated from an actual marketing concept, the term "crossover" is used to refer to a small-size SUV or compact SUV. During the past four-five years, a considerable trend has been growing up of… + read more
October 29, 2017
The Q5 is one of the most popular Luxury Vehicles in Canada and the #2 most popular by the German manufacturer. The new 2018 Audi Q5 is ready for the Canadian playgrounds again. Since its inception… + read more
October 19, 2017
The second half of the year has arrived and with it, the 2018 models have already started making lines at the parking lots. New releases, lots of new hybrid alternatives and more options for the… + read more
October 18, 2017
Mmmmm.... an excellent question many people do us every month. As I use to say on my articles, this kind of issues have a particular response: it depends. On the following post, I will try to go as… + read more
October 16, 2017
Well, I guess we can't complain: the 2017 Summer has been one of the longest ever recorded in Canada, which usually means "a shorter winter," but we will have to wait to confirm that. As usual,… + read more
October 10, 2017
Ready to close a deal? Well, this is something that is always worth to think more than once. No matter how many times you think about it, you will still find a new opportunity to improve it and get… + read more
October 4, 2017
October!!! Halloween, rain, winter boots and the second best month of the year to buy a car, right after November. While most models are being updated, 2017 stock is running out of the parking lots,… + read more
October 3, 2017
It may sound redundant, but the fact that there are three different ways of acquiring a vehicle, makes "the price" of a car change concerning the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price or MSRP. On the… + read more
September 29, 2017
During your next vehicle exploratory phase, during a new car lease calculations and even during the actual deal negotiation, the Residual Value term will come up to the table. Are you aware of what… + read more
September 28, 2017
The first step anyone will do before jumping into a new vehicle finance/lease will be "doing a test drive" Although there are many ways to do so, on the following article I'll be addressing the top 5… + read more
September 27, 2017
Year after year, the IBC(Insurance Bureau of Canada) publishes a list of the top stolen vehicles in the country. The IBC has been doing so for the last 13 years, and it is a good way to understand… + read more
September 20, 2017
I've talked about the new Camry on previous articles: the new 2018 Toyota Camry is the new bet from the Japanese manufacturer to re-consolidate on the mid-size Sedan dominance on the Canadian Market… + read more
September 13, 2017
Either if you are new to Canada, you had debt problems during your life or made mistakes while managing your finances, your Credit Score will affect the way you acquire new loans. Those I just… + read more
September 12, 2017
When you lease a car, the fact of having "a rent" contract may sound really scary for people who are used to buy and actually own. Car leasing is an entirely different way of solving your… + read more
September 5, 2017
New 2018 models, clear out offers for many 2017 ones and the summer is gone. Yes, but that is what is Canada is in September every year. So we welcome you again to LeaseCosts and, as usual, our… + read more
September 1, 2017
Changing your car is something you will inevitably do multiple times during your life. The fact that you live in Canada, the second biggest country in the world and that Canadian cities tend to… + read more
August 29, 2017
Since launched in 2011, the Crosstrek has been gaining a lot of terrain in Canada and North America. Today, the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek is available for sale and has a lot to show. The subcompact SUV… + read more
August 28, 2017
Doing a lease transfer is one of the many, and in fact, the cheapest way to get someone else to get your lease. As I've explained in previous articles, multiple reasons would influence on that kind… + read more
August 26, 2017
The Electric Vehicle Show of Montreal will be back in April 2018, just three months after the Montreal Auto Show! Woohoo! Specifically the weekend of the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of April. The first… + read more
August 21, 2017
The 2018 Infiniti QX30 is an attractive looking luxury compact crossover with a gorgeous Infiniti look and feel. Besides the beautiful design, this small SUV/crossover initially launched last year… + read more
August 18, 2017
Safety is a big concern on the roads, no matter where you are. Either if you are traveling, commuting every day to work or on a family trip, you want to feel safe. On the following article, I will… + read more
August 9, 2017
Audi has been a success story for the last 30 years in Canada. The A4 model has particularly worked out well for the brand and for 2017, the model was redesigned, and the new iteration won a lot… + read more
August 8, 2017
Trucks/pickups are the most popular vehicles in Canada. Believe it or not, it is not the Honda Civic or the Toyota RAV4, and the reason is very simple: the weather conditions and the popularity of… + read more
August 7, 2017
Tesla has captured the imagination and passion of car enthusiasts all over the globe. Until now, their cars were not affordable for most people. Car lovers and fans went to vehicle shows and Tesla… + read more
August 4, 2017
If car leasing sounds like a too advanced thing to you, then you are on the right place. The purpose of this guide is to demystify and clarify all details regarding new car leasing and help you… + read more
August 3, 2017
Car dashboards are going through a revival. No more "old looking" physical music players. While they are being replaced with gorgeous digital displays and internet connectivity, both Apple and Google… + read more
August 2, 2017
And the most complex month of the year for the automotive market has arrived! And I say so because there are multiple things that make August a very difficult month to everyone involved with the auto… + read more
July 31, 2017
Nobody knows who created the "first car." However, we know that human beings were dreaming up transport technology as early as the 15th century. The sketches of self-propelled cars made by Leonardo… + read more
July 24, 2017
During our constant market research, we enjoy exploring customer preferences, when it comes to suggestions on where to go. While Audi is one of the most popular luxury brands Canada, high-end vehicle… + read more
July 20, 2017
The appearance of self-driving cars these years feels like science fiction becoming a reality. In the 1990’s sci-fi movie Total Recall, we see the main protagonist Douglas Quaid (played by Arnold… + read more
July 10, 2017
When you decide to get a car for the first time, it is normal to find a lot of available options, but there is a major group of options where we actually make the choice from: New cars and used… + read more
July 8, 2017
And July has arrived! The month of the Summer, rain, festivals, camping and driving across Canada for many people. Well, If you were planning to get you new car this month and were expecting a… + read more
June 27, 2017
Compact Cars are among the most convenient options in the market for the small-mid budget. Although usually with a MSRP under 22,000CAD and a leasing monthly price under 330 CAD/month (at most… + read more
June 22, 2017
With more than 1,000 different base offers for around 500 different vehicles in the market, seeing what people around you prefer is one of the best indicators to start looking for. The following… + read more
June 18, 2017
While leasing is a concept associated with new cars, there are many alternatives for leasing used ones. Used Car Leasing or Lease Transfer has been around as far as the actual new car leasing… + read more
June 14, 2017
Either if you are new to car leasing, you don't have a huge family to move around or just need a small vehicle to solve your transportation needs; there are very attractive options in the market that… + read more
June 13, 2017
Yes, Volkswagen was the 2016 Worldwide Top Seller, taking the first position that Toyota held for a long time. Although in North America, the Japanese brand is way more popular, among Europe, Latin… + read more
June 11, 2017
There are many ways to be up to date with the latest models in the market. If you are thinking about a new car, this is for sure the starting point of your search. On the following article, I will… + read more
June 2, 2017
June is here! And so the new offers. June is the month of the year when some manufacturers start releasing new models in the market, either next year (2018) or brand new ones. So, as usual, we do our… + read more
May 27, 2017
When looking for a new car, studies have shown that the regular client takes up to 50 days to decide the final one. While doing so, we spent hours and hours jumping site to site trying to understand… + read more
May 20, 2017
Car Leasing isn't a new stuff. It has been around for decades (you will be surprised to know that in the 50's cars could be leased). So, what is the thing about it? Why so many people lease cars… + read more
May 19, 2017
Although I would always suggest studying the new car market before getting a car, there are many cases where you will choose used cars above new ones. I won't discuss in this article what is… + read more
May 12, 2017
The Audi A4 is, by far, the most requested vehicle at Lease Costs Canada. No matter where our clients are from, between a 15%-25% of them are looking for an A4. The Audi A4 in Canada is one of… + read more
May 4, 2017
While not among the most popular brands, Mini vehicles are driven with pride all across Canada and have a unique and stylish look. On this article, I will talk about the Mini Cooper Canada presence… + read more
May 3, 2017
This month, LeaseCosts is featuring models like the Sentra, the Elantra, the Rogue and again, the Audi A4 for the most popular options. As usual, we review the market and come up with our monthly… + read more
April 25, 2017
For a long time, we've been listening that there are two main types of car transmission: automatic & manual. Well, there is a new one and will stay for long: CVT or Continuous Variable… + read more
April 24, 2017
When looking for the best SUV in Canada, it is important to note that SUVs are the most popular kind of vehicles in the country. That is a fact as every year, more and more people choose an SUV over… + read more
April 12, 2017
Nissan is the fastest growing car manufacturing company in Canada over the last decade. The appearance of the Rogue in 2008 and its effectiveness all across North America. Just in March 2017, Nissan… + read more
April 11, 2017
No matter where you are in Canada, you will have a lot of options of Dealers for your next new car purchase/lease. On the Greater Montreal Area, specifically, some big Dealer groups like Gabriel… + read more
April 5, 2017
If you have a car, either a new or an old one, it means you have to visit "the car doctor" at least twice a year. Don't forget it, don't avoid it and don't pass it. Oil Changes are required by your… + read more
April 4, 2017
April is that month of the year when the Spring arrives an all snow starts melting on most of the mid-east side of the Country. As usual, Car Manufacturers adjust a little bit up the offers and… + read more
March 23, 2017
The main idea behind LeaseCosts is to provide a friendly tool that allows anyone to check the status of the Canadian Cars marketplace. This is what is commonly known as the Canada car lease… + read more
March 21, 2017
As winter is coming to an end, it is good to have in mind an approximate date for switching back to summer/"all season" tires. If you are getting out of your first winter with a car, I strongly… + read more
March 21, 2017
Except for kids and cross-country skiers, everyone else hates blizzards. This year's winter was kind of soft, compared with the last one regarding temperature, but surely we got more snow than… + read more
March 18, 2017
Browsing my photos from the last 2017 Montreal Auto Show, I found a set of interesting ones from one of the most exclusive parts of the expo: Bentley and Rolls-Royce stands. (adsbygoogle =… + read more
March 18, 2017
If you have never leased a car before, this will be one of your primary concerns: "How do I get into a Car Lease? How is the New Car Leasing process itself?"  Well, for sure it is not a one day… + read more
March 16, 2017
If you are like me, that I save a week of vacation every year for February/March and take a break from the hard Canadian winter and jump into the Caribbean, then there are high chances you've… + read more
March 2, 2017
March has arrived and with superb news! Prices are way better than the previous months, so if you were thinking of a good moment to exchange your car, this is the opportunity you were waiting for… + read more
February 28, 2017
Canada is a vast country with a very particular snow season, including the biggest center/eastern cities during every winter. I'm my opinion; this may be probably one of the main reasons you will… + read more
February 22, 2017
Snow Removal season in Montreal starts officially on December 1st and ends on April 1st. During this time, you will be pretty happy with the parking prohibition that once a week takes place on each… + read more
February 14, 2017
As there is a chance you are reading this very angry, I'll leave you the link right away:  Find my towed vehicle in Montreal Yes, towing happens... We all love the feeling of knowing that… + read more
February 4, 2017
February is already here and manufacturers are updating their prices to attract potential car buyers. Following our regular monthly list of vehicles, we suggest our customers take a look at during… + read more
January 28, 2017
Driving in the winter is definitely challenging for everyone. Even the most adventurers find it difficult, but it doesn't mean that you should park your car for 3 months. The following is a list of… + read more
January 20, 2017
Getting a new car is a huge step many of us need to take once a while. My intention with this blog posts is to give you a set of tips and suggestions of things you can do to get a good deal while… + read more
January 17, 2017
The Palais du Congress is getting ready for the new Autoshow starting this Friday January 20th. Following, the 3 stands that are being set at the ground floor of the venue and you can just visit by… + read more
January 13, 2017
To participate, just like our Facebook page. No signup or subscription required. The winners will be randomly chosen from all the page "like" followers. On Thursday, January 19th at 22:00 hours,… + read more
December 17, 2016
Leasing has some general benefits. I have already talked about it on my "Benefits of Leasing a Car" post. On addition to it, there are some factors that, when it comes specifically to Canada, it is… + read more
November 15, 2016
November is usually one of the best months of the year to get a new car. Of course, there is a good reason for it: Clearance of 2016 and Competition among 2017 models to penetrate the market… + read more
November 8, 2016
"Buying a new car" or "leasing it" is kind of a popular dilemma nowadays. Although it is a topic that can be discussed from many different approaches, I'll limit myself to talk about only of the pros… + read more