Guide to Oil Change Intervals for Canada's Top Car Brands

Hey there, fellow car enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of engine oil change intervals for some of the most popular car brands in Canada. But first, let's talk about the difference between conventional and synthetic oils, which can have a significant impact on the recommended oil change intervals for your vehicle.

Types of Oil

Conventional oil, aka mineral oil, comes from good ol' crude oil. It's been around for ages and does a decent job of keeping your engine running smoothly. However, it tends to wear out more quickly and isn't always ideal for extreme temperatures or heavy loads.

On the flip side, synthetic oil is a high-tech, man-made wonder that offers some fantastic perks over its conventional counterpart. It's more resistant to temperature extremes, fights off engine wear and deposits, and even gives you better fuel efficiency. The catch? It's a bit pricier than conventional oil.

Average Oil Change Intervals

Now that you're familiar with the oil types, let's dive into the oil change intervals for the top-selling models from Canada's most popular car brands. Just remember that these are general guidelines, and you should always consult your owner's manual for the most accurate info.


  • Corolla (conventional oil): Every 8,000 km
  • RAV4 (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Camry (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Highlander (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Tacoma (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km


  • Civic (conventional oil): Every 8,000 km
  • CR-V (synthetic oil): Every 12,000 km
  • Accord (synthetic oil): Every 12,000 km
  • HR-V (synthetic oil): Every 12,000 km
  • Pilot (synthetic oil): Every 12,000 km


  • F-150 (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Escape (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Explorer (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Edge (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Mustang (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km


  • Silverado (conventional oil): Every 8,000 km
  • Equinox (synthetic oil): Every 12,000 km
  • Malibu (synthetic oil): Every 12,000 km
  • Traverse (synthetic oil): Every 12,000 km
  • Colorado (synthetic oil): Every 12,000 km


  • Rogue (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Altima (conventional oil): Every 8,000 km
  • Murano (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Qashqai (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km
  • Pathfinder (synthetic oil): Every 16,000 km

There you have it! We've covered the basics of oil change intervals for the top-selling models from some of Canada's favorite car brands. Remember to double-check your owner's manual for the most accurate info, and happy driving!

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