Tesla Outsells Toyota in California for the First Time

The most recent report released by the California New Car Dealers Association for the Second Quarter 2023, states that Tesla had the biggest amount of vehicle sales in California for a total of 69,000 units vs 67,000 from the Japanese manufacturer, as reported by Electrek. The Model 3 popularity has gone far beyond the traditional #1 place that was taken from the Camry, over the past 28 years domination. Reason for this? I guess we all know it:

Current Toyota's Supply Delay

Getting a Toyota is kind of travelling back in time to 2021. Supply is limited and there is an order backlog. Teslas are way more worth the wait, as if you are going to wait, better do it for a good alternative.

Electrifying Buzz vs. Old-School Roar

The Model 3 is all about electric power, so it's quiet as a ninja and has more torque than a superhero movie plot twist. Meanwhile, the Camry rocks a traditional gas or hybrid engine. You'll hear it before you see it – that classic vroom-vroom. One's whisper-quiet, the other's all about that growl.

0 to 60 Flash: Warp Speed vs. Steady Dash

The Model 3 rockets from 0 to 60 mph like a cheetah on energy drinks. Electric motors give you that instant punch, leaving others in the dust. The Camry's no slouch, but it takes a bit longer to hit that sweet 60. The Model 3 wins this round for adrenaline fans.

Tech: Sci-Fi Cool vs. Familiar Vibes

Hop inside, and it's a whole new world. The Model 3's interior is like stepping onto the Starship Enterprise with its huge touchscreen controlling everything from climate to Netflix. Yeah, you heard that right. The Camry's cockpit is comfy and loaded with features too, but it's like hanging out in your favorite cozy spot – familiar and relaxed.

Looks That Kill: Futuristic vs. Classic Charm

The Model 3 flaunts futuristic vibes with its sleek lines and no-grille deal. It's like it's here from 2077. Meanwhile, the Camry rocks that timeless look, like James Bond in a tux. They're both stylish, but one's a time traveler, and the other's a classic movie star.

Electric Pit Stops vs. Gas Station Grand Prix

With the current status of charging stations and home charging alternatives, the Model 3 plugs in, and you juice up like your phone overnight. But if you're rocking a Camry, you're hitting the gas station for that classic fill-up. Quick pit stop versus a slower charge – pick your poison.

Although it is a matter of preference, in the end, the Model 3 has definitely come up as the most solid alternative to dealing with transportation costs today.

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