avril 9, 2018
While things are still cold as winter, it is "legally" spring in Canada. It is the moment of the year where, people who struggle through the winter, feel the most positive: "At least 8 - 9 months to… + continue reading
février 5, 2018
We are half the way done with 2017-2018 Winter; I would say more close to the end than to the beginning. 2017 was an excellent year for the automotive industry, with around 2,040,000+ new vehicles… + continue reading
janvier 8, 2018
New year, a new month and new offers. Also tons of snow, cold and ice on one of the coldest winters ever. Just on the past holidays, Montreal got hit by the coldest winter streak ever registered in… + continue reading
octobre 4, 2017
October!!! Halloween, rain, winter boots and the second best month of the year to buy a car, right after November. While most models are being updated, 2017 stock is running out of the parking lots,… + continue reading
avril 4, 2017
April is that month of the year when the Spring arrives an all snow starts melting on most of the mid-east side of the Country. As usual, Car Manufacturers adjust a little bit up the offers and… + continue reading