Spinelli Nissan: Most Popular Nissan Dealer in Montreal

No matter where you are in Canada, you will have a lot of options of Dealers for your next new car purchase/lease. On the Greater Montreal Area, specifically, some big Dealer groups like Gabriel, Park-Avenue & Albi offer Nissan vehicles, but there is one that shines because of it's popularity: Spinelli Nissan.

On this article, I will refer directly to the case of the direct benefits of visiting the Spinelli Nissan dealer located at: "345 Brunswick Blvd, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 4S1"

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Dealer Location: Close to the Route Transcanadienne ("the 40")

One of the main benefits of the dealership is how accessible it is from all over the Montréal Área, Laval, Brossard, Longueuil, Vaudreuil-Dorion and so on. The fact of being that close to the 40, makes it really easy to reach (outside of peak hours, of course).

Although there are many options on those specific neighborhoods, the most centric and accessible one, for the daily commuter relies on this specific area.



Still, just remember that even with a dealer that "close", before making any decision for a specific Nissan, ensure to explore all the options available on the market. 

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Context: Side-by-side with Spinelli Infiniti

Known as the "Top Level Brand" for Nissan, Infiniti offers the luxury vehicles line that competes since 1989 against Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and some other luxury brands that are really popular in the North American Market. The Spinelli Infinity dealer is right on the "right" side of the dealer, wall to wall.


Spinelli Nissan: The Most Popular Nissan Dealer in Montreal

The fact of having the 2 dealers on the same building is a great feature, as many clients are not sure of what they want until they see it. So what better than having both lines of vehicles just a few steps away.

This is an uncommon setup for these kind of installations, although has resulted in a powerful converting benefit for both consumers and retails.

Available Stock: All Nissan vehicles Available in Canada

And of course: if you make it to a Nissan dealer, you want to be able to choose any of the options for the Canadian market. Following, the list of vehicles (base model) you will be able to lease/purchase at the Spinelli Nissan dealership:

And there is more...

Depending on what are you actually looking for, there are much more things that make this dealer rank that high and see around so many "Spinelli Nissan" stickers all across Québec:

  • Sales Staff is Amazing: Overall, Spinelli staff is the kind of people you want to meet at a sales occasion: kind. clear and flexible. A good idea is to connect with them before jumping right into the dealer. This is one of the most effective ways to know your salesperson before approaching the dealer and feeling more familiarized with the actual process. For sure it will improve your ability to understand their main skills and specialties before arriving in the dealer.
  • Toyota & Lexus just next door: As this isn't directly related to Nissan, the fact of having all those dealers, just steps away, will give you way more flexibility when regarding the "Test-drive" phase, where the time you could spend moving around the whole day, can be easily optimized during one day.
  • Services Department: For either Tire change, Oil Change or any other related service, Spinelli Nissan has its own garages to provide a world class service. To get in touch with their Services Department, just click here.

Important links to have with you

It is always good to know and be aware of some specific details for every website. Following, the links that go directly to the dealer web page and their current offers & inventory:

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