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Lease Transfer Toyota Lease Takeover in Gatineau: 2020 Toyota LE Automatic 2WD
CAD/month x 48 months
2020 Toyota LE (ID: #37835)
2020 Toyota

LE Automatic 2WD

  • Warranty Complete Term
  • Wear & Tear Coverage
  • Winter Tires Included
Payment Details
  • Current Payment: 542 CAD/month + tax
  • Residual Value: 29,000 CAD
  • Months to End: 48 months (Jul, 2027)
Vehicle Status
  • Contract Allowance: 20,000 km/year
  • Current Odometer: 75,000 km total
  • Available Now: 20,833 km/year (1,736 per month)
Deal Special Perks
  • All Main Coverages
  • Lots of FREE Available Km
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Payment Analysis

542.00CAD/monthin Gatineau
    Before Taxes:
  • 542.00 CAD/month
  • 250.15 CAD/bi-weekly
  • 125.08 CAD/week
  • 6,504.00 CAD/year
Incl. Québec Taxes (14.98%):
  • 623.19 CAD/month
  • 287.63 CAD/bi-weekly
  • 143.81 CAD/week
  • 7,478.30 CAD/year

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Lease Takeover/Buyout Analysis

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Business Vehicle Analysis

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Distance Analysis
Cost to drive 100km: (CAD)
  • + tax
  • + fuel
  • + insurance
(or 0.31CAD per km)
  • 32.52CAD/100km (Original Contract back in Jul, 2019)
Time Analysis
Cost per day: (CAD)
  • + tax
  • + insurance
  • + km driven & fuel
(0.07CAD savings per every 100CAD of incentive)
Remaining Km
Can be driven up to:
  • km/week
  • without any
  • additional costs
Excess km cost: Not Provided
  • 384.62km/week (Contract Original back in Jul, 2019)

Seller Contact Info

  • Location: Gatineau
  • Date Contract Started:
  • Date Contract Ends:

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Bi-weekly payments of the amount the loan requalifies for (goes with credit report) anywhere between 250 & 500 monthly. or sale for 29,000$, well maintained, comes with winter tires on original rims, still under warranty, no problems. Looking to get rid of it because I've been working from home for 2 years and I'm paying a car to not even use it.

Paiement aux deux semaines selon votre qualification de prêt (entre 250 et 500 par mois) ou vente pour 29,000$. Très bien entretenu avec pneus d'hiver sur rims, encore sous guarantie. Je m'en défait puisque je travail de la maison depuis 2 ans et je paye pour rien.