Takeover Deals with Cash Down + Wear & Tear Rock

After more than 18 continuous months seeing more than 3,000 lease takeover deals fly around our marketplace, I think it is time to drop here some key tips here. If you are a Lease Takeover Hunder like me, then you are in the right website.

Cash Incentives Help, but the Down payment Rocks

Contract's Down payment is one of the significant benefits, by far. The fact that the payment is executed at the very beginning of the lease brings a lot of equity on the side of the contract owner and makes the contract lightweight on liabilities. It is one of the most explored features in our Takeover Browser. Indeed, it is the #1 most used filter.

Another factor is that it does not carry forward interest payments among the remaining debt on the vehicle, making the monthly payment even lower. And it all happens because it occurs at the very beginning, compared to the cash incentive, which attempts to motivate at the end.

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Wear & Tear Coverage Ranks #2

This is the second most popular among the Takeover Hunters in our marketplace. If your lease transfer comes with W&T coverage, there are high chances you start receiving leads in the hours after your listing is published.

Wear and Tear brings a lot to the table as it cannot actually be purchased after the vehicle has left the dealership and (on average) it covers up to 10,000 on vehicle damage that otherwise has to be paid by the owner of the contract at the moment of return.

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