Lease Takeover with Existing Damage + Wear & Tear: Some Thoughts

A lot of people get in touch with us every week with questions and requests for assistance in their car leasing process. WIth the purpose of helping others and to maintain our publishing process as helpful as we have always wanted to, we will be posting some Q&A. Always after asking for authorization to our clients and keeping every detail anonymous. Today, I want to talk about jumping into a lease takeover that actually has some damage but also, Wear & Tear coverage. 

Some Body Damage

Manufacturer, model, and numbers were slightly modified for privacy protection purposes and to make this case as generic as possible.

Hi Jorge,

I am considering takeover a vehicle for about 350 a month (original 420 per month), with two years left. But I found the front bumper is damaged and probably needs to replace. The existing lease has a Wear and Tear Coverage for up to 3,000

But I am not sure is it risky for the deal, because I guess the replacement would cost thousands, which means the wear and tear coverage is not worth as the original value.

So I need some advice for the decision, thank you.

Our Suggestion

While it is not a good idea to take over on a vehicle with that level of damage, you should always evaluate how much this is and how much it may costs. Our response:


I understand your concern and yes I agree with you it is kind of risky.

The true value of the Wear & Tear is to drive every day knowing that any scratch or body damage you create, will have you covered(somehow) not that you are running on top of a car that already spent that coverage.

I would suggest you ask the other person to fix it with his/her insurance and then you will take it. For him/her would be paying the deductible and is off the vehicle (with the risks of having a raise on the next vehicle). Either that or fix the front bumper at his/her costs, making that as an extra "cash incentive" for you. Either way, that person needs to know that chances of transferring the contract are very low with that issue.

But if it is not fixed, I would not suggest you to take that car and keep looking.

Good luck!

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