The Hottest Lease Takeover Deals: Large Down Payments

We receive a lot of requests/inquiries every month at LeaseCosts. Most of these through our contact form and some other also through our corporate phone number, the one you can find at the bottom of every page. But there is one I would like to share anonymously on an article today.

The Two Best Deals We've Seen So Far

If you jump into our client's Lease Takeover Marketplace, you will notice the two top deals on the right top of the page:

The elephant in the room? 15,000 and 20,000 CAD down payments respectively. Obviously, those kinds of deals aren't regular, but there are a few every month that pop up in the listings and last only hours. 

Large down payments work great for reducing both the monthly payment and vehicle debt. It is way easier to negotiate among two interested persons than directly with the financing entity or the bank itself. Most customers who take over a lease with this status, are used to keep/buy the vehicle, once the lease contract is over.

That's why you may wonder if there is a good opportunity out there that you may be missing. So, one of our clients contacted us and asked:


I am seriously looking to lease a vehicle around springtime of next year. 

I know your listings #3632 and #3816 are the exception but how often would you say an excellent deal becomes available and how do I hear about it first?

Is your service really free or is there a nominal fee?

Thank you for your time

Client Name

For you all, there is an opportunity out there. LeaseCosts is a Canada-wide website, and we have customers on every single corner of the country. At the moment of writing of this article, a 2018 BMW 5-series with 24,000CAD down payment was active only for a few hours in our site. Just transferred in less than a day...

Still, this is a unpredictable fact. That's why we are working on a new alert/notification system (or summary) that allows our clients to be notified with the availability of deals in their areas of interest.

And here is my reply to our customer:

Hi Client Name,

Thanks for reaching out!

Honestly, those were two deals I would have taken myself if it wasn't because I'm in Montreal :) Especially the Lexus.

We don't charge anything for transferring, it is just facilitating the connection between the seller and the buyer.

Regarding the frequency... It is hard to predict. I would say no more than 2 or 3 times a month. Here you can see all the listings sorted by downpayments (biggest to lowest).

We have new vehicles every day and soon we will launch a mail alert system for major urban areas. Basically, you can receive a  weekly summary of the new listings, the hottest deals...

Thanks again for your interest!


Available Lease Takeovers with Large Cash Downs

If you are looking for the list of most significant down payments, you can jump into the marketplace and use the filters to do so. Alternatively, you can just see those now:

Available Takeovers sorted by Down Payment

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