More than 500+ Lease Takeovers Listed & 158 Transferred

We are happy to announce that we have more than 500+ Lease Takeovers listed (527 as of today) in our Marketplace! It is a very important milestone in our objective of becoming the #1 Lease Takeover Marketplace in Canada and reaching 2,000 by next June when the marketplace reaches a year of operations. And it is all thanks to our customers. For you, all, our effort to help you transfer the contracts and here are the results:

Mostly GTA, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Ottawa

And this is obvious because these are the main populated areas of our Country. Due to this, we are soon launching new website sections and features to improve the browsing experience and, at the same time, reducing the transfer time turnaround and creating new channels. 

Basically, our customers will be able to be "on top" of the most recent updates for each "specific area" and receive notifications whether a new deal has been posted that is in their zone of interest.

32% Transfer Completion Rate

As of last week, 158 lease contracts were transferred, resulting in a 32% transfer rate among all listings. While the rhythm of listing by our customers is 5 or 6 times more today than at the very beginning of the last 5 months, it is a typical pattern among the marketplace. Although it is ordinarily subject to the quality of the deal and the demand on the area, the visibility reach provided by 

It is worth to mention that a minor percentage of our customers do not update the listings after these are transferred. We are creating a new follow-up workflow by having one of our customer services providers take care of this specific detail.

Lease Takeover Analysis for Free for a limited time

The Lease Takeover Analysis(LTA) is probably the most popular feature from our Marketplace. While we are launching soon new features in our listing system, both oriented for listing and browsing, the LTA it is vital to understand the quality of a lease takeover deal.

This is why we are offering (for a Limited Time), a free LTA to all submissions into our Marketplace. It is expensive to run, it takes time and effort as it is a manual process that requires analyzing multiple factors, not subject to automation.

Lease Takeover Analysis: Benefits for lease Takeovers

The Lease Takeover Analysis is the most popular feature of our Lease Takeover Marketplace.

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