Mini Cooper Canada: 2017 Best Deals & Offers

While not among the most popular brands, Mini vehicles are driven with pride all across Canada and have a unique and stylish look. On this article, I will talk about the Mini Cooper Canada presence while pointing out the top offers you can find on the market right now.


Mini Cooper Canada: Best Deals & Offers

Mini Cooper Canada

Mini, an original British company, introduced in 1959, was acquired by BMW in 1994 for expanding the German company range of offers in the world, without designing and building real small BMW vehicles. Since, wherever they go, they bring Mini, and so it happened in North America a long time ago.

Just to give you an idea of the current status: Mini sales in Canada during 2016 reached the figures of 6,609 units, around 7% less than in 2015. BMW vehicles, on the other hand, reached over +38,000 during the same time (+8% of previous year) but, of course, I'm not comparing both market segments: BMW is a luxury vehicle while Mini is designated to aim for the compact and small SUV market.

Mini Cooper Hardtop (3 & 5 Doors)

Mini Cooper Canada: Hardtop

The Hardtop (also known as the original Cooper) is the most popular Mini vehicle. Since it was introduced in 2001, it has been the leading product for the company and has expanded the identity of the brand across the world. It may be hard to differentiate other manufacturers from far distances, but when you see a Mini, you notice it immediately.

It comes in 2 variants: an original 5 doors one (or hatchback) and a coupe version of 3 doors (counting the back one, again). For both options, prices in Canada are very similar, so we could say that the final decision is based on client's preferences.

2017 Mini Cooper Canada Hardtop (3 doors) Starting Prices:

2017 Mini Cooper Canada Hardtop (5 doors) Starting Prices:

Mini Cooper Clubman

Mini Cooper Canada: Clubman

As Mini uses to do, the Clubman is almost 10 inches longer than the Hardtop and serves as a small family car. It is compared recently with the size of the Mazda CX-3 and the Honda CR-V.

One of its major attractions is that the price for the AWD model is close and some months lower than the 2WD model.

2017 Mini Cooper Canada Clubman Starting Prices:

Mini Cooper Countryman


Mini Cooper Canada: Countryman

The Countryman is a more spacious version of the Clubman and counts as the first crossover SUV built by Mini. It has 5 doors and a way bigger interior makes it a spacious and comfortable alternative.

Presented in 2010, the first generation was developed between the launch and 2016. Now in 2017, a second generation features a more powerful and efficient engine (3 cylinder and L4 optional) and is just 7.8 inches longer than the previous ones. 

2017 Mini Cooper Canada Paceman Starting Prices:

Mini Cooper Paceman

Mini Cooper Canada: Paceman

The Paceman comes only with 3 doors, and it's very similar to the Countryman. It was initially introduced into the market on 2012, and the overall acceptance was OK, making BMW turnout with the decision of discontinuing it by the end of 2016. Still, many units were built and are available for sale during the rest of this year.

2016 Mini Cooper Canada Paceman Starting Prices:

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