Electric Vehicle Charge Stations in Québec

For the past few years, Quebec has been in the forefront of promoting electric vehicles (EV). From providing up to 8,000CAD downpayments on EV acquisition for residents to having today about 1,250 public electric vehicle charge stations. Today, the availability of a large number of charge stations makes it more convenient to own an EV in the "french speaking" province of Canada.

Multiple entities & companies are pushing forward this initiative and I will be summarizing a little bit about the services related to it. You can also access the Full Map of all Québec Vehicle Charging Stations.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors have 4 fast-charging stations in Quebec. The company has been aggressively expanding into other areas of Canada. It has 12 superchargers in Montreal and 8 superchargers in each of these areas: Magog, Drummondville, and Riviere-du-Loup. They can half-charge in 20 minutes and full-charge in 75 minutes.

  • Rate: Free but only available for Tesla vehicles.
  • Find out more information at the Tesla Motors website.


In 2014, the real estate developer AZRA announced its plan to implement electric vehicle charge stations in Quebec. AZRA has kept its promise and, in fact, started doing so. The Repentigny station at the intersection of Highway 40 and Route 341 as well as the stations built in Mirabel, Saint-Raymond are the achievement of AZRA. The group is also offering partnership to Canadian shopping centers and commercial buildings to make new EV charge stations. In 2016, AZRA announced its plan to invest $40 million (Canadian) to build 2,000 EV charge stations across Canada.


Today Flo’s public network has about 325 charging stations in Quebec. Besides Quebec, it also has a strong presence in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario. Additionally, Flo also helps businesses set up their own EV charging stations.

  • Rates: Varies across stations. Network registration required. Some stations are free while others may charge $1 per hour of use.
  • Find out more information at Flo website.
  • iOS App & Android App

Sun Country Highway

Sun Country Highway has more than 100 "240V" charging stations across Quebec. They in 2012 with 200 charging station along Trans-Canada Highway and since the company has continued its work by partnering with municipalities and private businesses.

The Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit started building its first stations in RONA hardware stores, St-Hubert restaurants, Metro supermarkets and the parking lots of Agence métropolitaine du transport (AMT). With 800 "240V" charging stations and 67 fast-charging stations, the Electric Circuit has the largest presence in the Quebec market.

  • Rates: Flat rate of $2.50 for a full charge and $1/hr for a partial charge for 240V charging station. And fast-charging stations charge $10/hr.
  • Find out more information at the Electric Circuit website.
  • iOS App & Android App

All references from the previous article were taken from the website of the Transportation Electrification Action Plan from the Gouvernement du Québec.

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