The new Ford F-150 Lightning has a price in the U.S.

The new Ford F-150 Lightning already has a price in the United States. Fleet orders will begin today and individual ones will be available to begin tomorrow Jan 6th. The Canadian availability hasn't yet been defined, but hopefully will be available by the next summer.

4 Trims and 2 Battery Sizes

The new Lightning pickup comes in 4 trims and two battery sizes for the 2nd and 3rd trim. The base model cannot be extended and the top trim comes with the Extended Range Battery.

  • PRO (base model) ------------------------ US$ 39,974
  • XLT ------------------------------------------- US$ 52,974
  • XLT w/ Extended Range Battery ------ US$ 72,474
  • Lariat ----------------------------------------- US$ 67,474
  • Lariat w/ Extended Range Battery ---- US$ 77,474 
  • Platinum ------------------------------------- US$ 90,874

The new Ford F-150 Lightning has a price in the U.S.

F-150 Lightning Build form at

All models are AWD full traction on all wheels. Regarding the battery ranges:

  • Standard Battery Range: 230 miles (370 km)
  • Extended Battery Range: 300 miles (483 km)

Production to be increased to 150,000 units/year

Due to the huge adoption of the Ford pickup which has ranked as the top-selling vehicle in North America for decades, the amount of orders received since it was announced is overwhelmingly great for Ford. Due to this, Ford announced on January 4th, that the production would be expected to double from 80,000 units per year to 150,000. 

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