My car has been towed in Montreal... How do I recover it?

As there is a chance you are reading this very angry, I'll leave you the link right away: 

Yes, towing happens...

We all love the feeling of knowing that, at the moment of going back home or either waking up in the morning and getting ready for work, we know our loyal car is out there "waiting for us". Well, not always if you use to park on the street, as probably 70% - 80% of people who live in big cities.

In Montreal, due to snow season, parking signs & population density, every winter, around 25,000 cars are towed. And that's a lot.

Snow removal season (December to March)

Snow is part of our city as many other in Canada and the U.S. If you were towed, then, you will be charged for it :( 

So, if you make it to your parking spot, and your car isn't there, you'll have to go to the city website for finding it. Usually, between the next 15 - 20 minutes after you were towed, your car will list on the Info-Remorquage service.


Locate it by plate number

In case you remember your plate number :) then you can easily search for it. The following screenshot shows all the details of a sample "towing report" and where the car is placed so you can go and pick it up.


I don't remember the plate

No problem! In this case, you can just go ahead with the Google Maps search. It will show you a list of vehicles towed around 250m from the location you put the marker on.



How much do I have to pay?

Well, once you find your car, prepare to see a nice paper under the wipers. Yes, you have to pay usually a city fee plus the towing charge.

Just ensure to know the Vehicle Towing and Impoundment Fees defined by the SAAQ. It will help you to avoid any "mistake" and also make you aware if it is worth to you being towed or not. Some people don't mind when going on a vacation to the Caribbean as it may cost less than the airport parking fees :)

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