Juliana(@AutomotiveWoman) shares how she Transferred her Lexus with LeaseCosts

We are happy to share this great feedback video we received from one of our happy Montreal based customers: @AutomotiveWoman ! Juliana's Lexus got sold pretty fast thanks to LeaseCosts Canada and she took the time to share her experience in the "How to Tuesdays" section of her YouTube channel.

Disclaimer: As Juliana mentions in the video "(...)this is not a paid promotion or a paid advertising. I went back to LeaseCosts Canada to ask them for permission to shot this video as I had such a great experience(...)"

Thanks for sharing Juliana!

About the author

Jorge Diaz is a passionate car lover, winter driver & Software Engineer. For the last 10 years, he has built Online Solutions used by more than 5,000 companies across the globe. He founded LeaseCosts in 2016 with the purpose of simplifying and helping Canadians to better understand the complex market of car leasing in Canada. You can connect with him at Leantrepreneurship.com.

Jorge is also the author of Car Leasing Done Right: A Canadian Guide for Understanding & Optimizing Vehicle Leasing Costs, released on Nov. 5th, 2021. It is available at Amazon.ca