DashCams are "The Insurance of Your Insurance"

I love driving a lot, but like "most people," I love doing it safely. And there is a "fact" that I notice a lot when I travel to Europe: the use of DashCams.

Although not (yet) so popular here in Canada, most people in Europe install these "little-mounted loop filming" devices to record everything that happens in front of your vehicle white this is on. The reason: safety. But, how can a filming equipment be part of such a proactive matter?

Well, the main reason is that it is your primary witness in case you experience a problem on the road. That is the #1 and most important reason: Your Dash camera is the #1 source of evidence to support or contest an incident.

The Insurance of Your Insurance

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Benefits of Using a DashCam

One of the best sources I've found out there is this small list created by The Telegraph, in the U.K., regarding the benefits of the use of DashCams:

  • Help in uncovering “cash for crash” fraud
  • The evidence to reject claims where appropriate
  • The evidence to make quicker decisions and settle legitimate claims faster
  • Information to develop future driver training courses
  • Images of what the driver was doing immediately before an incident

DashCams in Canada

As I mentioned before, DashCams aren't yet as popular here in North America as in the rest of the world, although these are being introduced slowly by multiple manufacturers. Chevrolet, BMW, and Toyota have some integrated devices into some particular models.

Toyota specifically, has an accessory option that can be added to any new model. You can find it in the Build & Price form of their main website.

DashCam Toyota Canada

The Toyota's Genuine Dash Camera costs about 615CAD + tax.

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About the author

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