880+ Lease Takeover Listings and Counting

LeaseCosts has been steadily becoming the number one choice for Lease Takeover listings in Canada. With a rhythm of about 40 - 60 new listings every week and increasing, we are heading towards the first year to achieve 1,500 listings by June 30th, 2019, when the marketplace arrives at the 365 days of operations.

880 Lease Takeover Listings and Counting: Screenshot

Just by being able to serve so many hundred Canadian customers have been such an honor and the best of the feelings to know we have built something that works and has changed so many people's lives. We have helped people from Nanaimo, BC to St. John's, NL more than 7,000km away and to complete transfers from a Nissan Micra to a Tesla Model 3.

We just love what we do and how we do it. Our passion to understand and explain numbers have just simplified a so complex transaction such as an ongoing vehicle lease contract, with more than 30 numeric variables involved.

Ideally, companies make these announcements through press releases or more specific milestones, but we are so happy today that just felt the need to do it ;)

To all of you, thank you. We try our best every day from 9 to 5 EST to improve our platform to serve you the best.


LeaseCosts Canada Inc.

About the author

Jorge Diaz is a passionate car lover, winter driver & Software Engineer. For the last 10 years, he has built Online Solutions used by more than 5,000 companies across the globe. He founded LeaseCosts in 2016 with the purpose of simplifying and helping Canadians to better understand the complex market of car leasing in Canada. You can connect with Jorge at Leantrepreneurship.com or send him a direct message.